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Intelligent Equipment
Intelligent Equipment

HUIZHOU FORYOU INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO. ,LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foryou Multimedia Co., Ltd. The company is committed to providing customers with production automation and logistics automation solutions, focusing on new energy PACK equipment (cylindrical/square shell/soft package), PCBA equipment, automotive electronic component equipment, and other fields, specializing in systematic applications and integration of robots, industrial vision, AGV, three-dimensional warehousing, automatic testing systems, MES, and other systems.

Foryou Corporation

Tool Class PACK Automatic Line

It is applicable to the automatic production of tool battery PACK (within 20 cells in a single package). The equipment functions include: cell loading and sorting, cell into the bracket, automatic connection piece, automatic spot welding, automatic protection plate installation and fixation, automatic glue dispensing, automatic soldering, semi-finished product testing, shell assembly, labeling and laser engraving, finished product testing, etc.
Foryou Corporation

Sweeping Robot PACK Line

It is suitable for the special production line of the battery pack of the sweeping robot with the "field" structure. According to the characteristics of this type of product without support, corresponding R&D changes have been made to the equipment process. The functions of the whole line include: loading and sorting, packaging, nickel sheet installation, spot welding, protective plate installation, laser welding of protective plate, tin welding, labeling and foam, film heat shrinking, semi-finished and finished product testing, etc.
Foryou Corporation

Power PACK Automatic Line

It is applicable to the power battery PACK (60~300 cells). It is specially designed and optimized for the large battery pack. The wire body functions include: cell loading and sorting, cell into the bracket, bracket fixing, connector installation, spot welding, etc.
Foryou Corporation

Mobile Phone Battery Protection Panel Automatic Line

It is applicable to the full automatic production of smart phone power management system (PCM) products. The whole line functions include: PCBA panel loading, soft/hard panel splitting, plate loading and fixture, connector crimping, visual detection, function detection, bending, finished product packaging, etc
Foryou Corporation

Square Aluminum Shell PACK Line

Suitable for automated production of square aluminum shell battery PACK, the line functions include single cell charging, voltage internal resistance testing, battery thickness detection, plasma cleaning, laser welding, etc.
Foryou Corporation

Automatic Line of Notebook Battery Protection Board

Notebook battery protection board industry equipment, mainly integrated with protection board separation, board installation, harness&NTC installation, harness hot pressing welding, etc; Fixture adopts multi-position code scanning mode to facilitate binding information tracing between fixture and product.
Foryou Corporation

HUD Assembly Line

The automatic line realizes automatic screw locking, gluing, pressing, vibration testing, performance testing, image testing, and other processes to realize HUD automatic production.

Foryou Corporation

CWC Assembly Line

The automatic line realizes automatic screw locking, gluing, pressure maintaining, soldering, performance testing, FOD testing, and other processes to realize automatic production of wireless charger.
Foryou Corporation

Park Type PACK Automatic Line

This product line is applicable to the production of garden battery pack line, completing the assembly process from a single cell to a pack, including cell loading, cell film thermal shrinkage and appearance inspection, cell testing, cell grading, cell automatic insertion into the support, support fixation, nickel sheet installation (manual), product spot welding, product gluing, shell laser carving, shell installation and fixation, performance test, appearance inspection and other processes.

Foryou Corporation

PACK Cable for Consumer Soft Bags

This product realizes the pad printing process of consumer batteries, and completes the automation of the battery plastic tray loading, A-side pad printing, baking, B-side pad printing, baking, inkjet printing, detection and other processes.

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