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Manufacturing Strength 

Intelligent factory

With a variety of automatic equipment, MES (production execution system), SAP (production management systems) and other management control platforms. To fulfill the standard configuration of automation, informationization and visualization by linking management information system and field equipment directly.

Highly efficient production

We have set up a well-established production system, constantly optimized and innovated the production process, and made every effort to improve the production control ability of each process to ensure continuous, efficient and stable production of the production line. we are dedicate to meet the various needs of customers and to ensure that orders are completed on time.

Green factory

We integrate the concept of green development into the whole life cycle of products. Always adhere to the production process safety, low consumption, green, environmental protection, through technological transformation, process upgrading. Reduce pollutant emissions from all the sub-suppliers, and make continuous efforts to support sustainable development.

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