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PACK Cable for Consumer Soft Bags

PACK Cable for Consumer Soft Bags

Product Description

This product realizes the pad printing process of consumer batteries, and completes the automation of the battery plastic tray loading, A-side pad printing, baking, B-side pad printing, baking, inkjet printing, detection and other processes.

Product Highlights

The process of battery pad printing section is highly automated

Multi-model compatibility, simple and fast replacement

Support product process information traceability and MES system

High equipment standardization and stable operation

Technical Parameter

Equipment size: L9600 * W2600 * H1900 mm

Capacity of the whole line: 2000PCS/H

Equipment utilization rate: ≥ 95%

Equipment yield: ≥ 99.5%

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Equipment voltage: AC220V

Equipment air pressure: 0.5MPa-0.7MPa


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