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Tool Class PACK Automatic Line
1-工具类PACK自动线 1920

Tool Class PACK Automatic Line

Product Description

It is applicable to the automatic production of tool battery PACK (within 20 cells in a single package). The equipment functions include: cell loading and sorting, cell into the bracket, automatic connection piece, automatic spot welding, automatic protection plate installation and fixation, automatic glue dispensing, automatic soldering, semi-finished product testing, shell assembly, labeling and laser engraving, finished product testing, etc.

Product Highlights
Full-automatic production of the whole line requires only loading and appearance inspection personnel

Multiple models are compatible, and the whole line can be changed quickly within 2 hours

The automatic installation of connecting piece can realize the compatibility of nickel and copper (product structure design needs to be optimized)

Support process information traceability and MES system

Technical Parameter

Equipment size: L23000 * W1600 * H1900 mm

Capacity of the whole line: 2600PCS/H (cell)

Equipment utilization rate: ≥ 90%

Equipment yield: ≥ 99%

Online operators: 2-4

Equipment voltage: AC220V

Equipment air pressure: 0.5MPa-0.7MPa


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