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Sweeping Robot PACK Line
2-扫地机器人PACK自动线 1920

Sweeping Robot PACK Line

Product Description

It is suitable for the special production line of the battery pack of the sweeping robot with the "field" structure. According to the characteristics of this type of product without support, corresponding R&D changes have been made to the equipment process. The functions of the whole line include: loading and sorting, packaging, nickel sheet installation, spot welding, protective plate installation, laser welding of protective plate, tin welding, labeling and foam, film heat shrinking, semi-finished and finished product testing, etc.

Product Highlights

Customization and optimization based on the characteristics of the sweeping robot PACK

Compatible with 1P/2P battery pack, 18650/21700 battery cells, and the whole line can be changed quickly within 2 hours

Support process information traceability and MES system

Technical Parameter

Equipment size: L15000 * W4600 * H1900 mm

Capacity of the whole line: 2600PCS/H (cell)

Equipment utilization rate: ≥ 90%

Equipment yield: ≥ 99%

Online operators: 13

Equipment voltage: AC220V

Equipment air pressure: 0.5MPa-0.7MPa


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