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Foryou Corporation

Head Up Displays (HUD)

Foryou HUD Advanced virtual image technology is used to display key information such as driving status, navigation path and entertainment on the front windshield. It integrates the whole vehicle ADAS, navigation and other information to show in front of the user in a perfect and efficient way, to realize the improvement of driving safety and the whole vehicle technical sense. We would like to create a better driving experience.
Foryou Corporation

Wireless Power Charger (WPC)

Foryou WPC catch up with the market fashion. It can also support Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO private fast charging protocols, with multi-charging protection functions, to offer users an efficient and safe charging experience. It can also be integrated with NFC function. We would like to provide efficient and stable power supply solution for all of the portable electronic devices in the car.
Foryou Corporation

Precision Kinematic System (PKS)

Foryou PKS through the motor driven precision motion mechanism, can realize the lift, slide, rotation and other movements. Through a variety of interior equipments customized movement, so that the car becomes more intelligent, personalized, and enhanced the interactive experience. we would like to promote the development of automotive intelligence.
Foryou Corporation

Digital Access Solution (DAS)

Foryou DAS integrates UWB, Bluetooth and other multi-functional modules, with real-time high precision positioning, strong anti-interference ability, high security, etc. It can inform the location of the vehicle in real time, so that the owner can find the car efficiently and quickly. It can unlock the vehicle by using the original matching card, cell phone and watch to achieve keyless entry, providing a convenient and efficient car life.
Foryou Corporation

Intelligent Equipment

HUIZHOU FORYOU INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO. ,LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foryou Multimedia Co., Ltd. The company is committed to providing customers with production automation and logistics automation solutions, focusing on new energy PACK equipment (cylindrical/square shell/soft package), PCBA equipment, automotive electronic component equipment, and other fields, specializing in systematic applications and integration of robots, industrial vision, AGV, three-dimensional warehousing, automatic testing systems, MES, and other systems.

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